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The team at The Atelier shares the common intention of creating an environment

that enables children to define and lead their own learning journeys. 

Working with children requires us to be co-learners, explorers,

observers, set designers, documenters, researchers.


An essential checklist for us to find a mutual fit with each other:


We are committed to a child-led, co-creative, transdisciplinary approach to learning.


We see children as rich in potential, strong, powerful, capable, competent, and interested
in forming a connection with the world around them. 


We believe in respecting children as individuals and we demonstrate this value in all interactions with them.

Communication at the Atelier is centered on mutual care, respect and trust. 


We take play very seriously. For us, play is synonymous to learning and work, not separate from it.

We encourage people from diverse interests and backgrounds to explore opportunities with us.


If you are passionate about alternative and progressive learning, co-leaning environments, music, science, dance, math, arts, languages, sports, history, geography or just working with children in an open environment, reach out to us:



Curious to know more about a

child-centered, open, reggio-inspired environment for learning?


Volunteer at our space to experience learning - The Atelier way!

Full Time Mentor’s Role

Immerse in a long term partnership with the children in their journey of growth and learning. 



Have a short term experience with us and contribute to the children's learning through your interests, skills and passions.

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