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The Atelier was conceptualised and founded in 2013 with a vision to provide children an environment for collaborative and constructivist learning, where learning is joyful and meaningful.

Our team comprises of diverse individuals with experience in education, strategic design,

film & photography, actuarial consulting, marketing & communication, visual & performing arts,

spatial design, technology and parenthood.  

Our two learning environments are at Guwahati and Bangalore


February, 2013


May, 2013

Day 1  //  Guwahati

April, 2014

R&D  //  Bangalore

August, 2015

Day 1  //  Bangalore

August, 2016

The Atelier Experiences

November, 2016

Day 1 - Elementary Years

June, 2018

Cafe at the Atelier

October, 2016

R&D - Elementary Years

May, 2017


Awards & Mentions

Awards & Mentions
This unique school is making learning magical for little kids.
The children in this school are protagonists
in their
own learning.
A school where the child decides what she learns.
The question is how do we shift the focus from unhealthy competition to learning once again? 
children learn best when their work is meaningful and in a social context
You have a new performance space & cafe in your hood.
to foster relationships, invest in conversations, learn from nature and to perceive the world in both chaos and order
NDTV India
Design & Architecture Award
-The Atelier, Bangalore
Why we need to take Early Years Education seriously
Everything you wanted to know about Reggio Emilia
It is in the use of natural materials that the building possesses an innate ability to eventually become expressive of its purpose.
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