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Our Curriculum

The word education comes from the latin word, ex-ducere, meaning leading out or a movement from inwards to out-words.

In other words, we could also think of it as a process of developing or progressing. Our curriculum or our course of learning is supportive of this idea and hence is an emergent process. At The Atelier, we follow an emergent curriculum - a curriculum that stems from the interests, wonderings, play, and learning styles of the children.

Learning is a process that extends far beyond the boundaries of traditional subjects. We look at our curriculum at The Atelier as a continuous interaction between:

Human Development - The development of physical, cognitive, social, & emotional capacities

Languages of Learning - Ways of making and sharing meaning

Areas of Knowledge - Understandings, knowledge and skills that help one understand the world they live in


The curriculum and learning approach involve attending to the whole child and working with the emerging needs as children play, make meaning of the world around them, and form relationships with each other.

Our children grow, develop and learn new skills through the years by engaging within a social context. Our environment encourages children to engage fully - with their bodies, with their minds and with their emotions.

Our learning programs and affiliations

At the atelier, Children learn through play, self-learning and co-learning.
Our objective is to empower children to develop a culture of learning
through research and internal motivation.

Our learning programs and affiliations
Our Learning Programs and Affiliations

We have an Early Years program (2 years to 6 years) and a Primary Years program (6 years - 10 years).

We plan to extend our programs to Middle Years and Secondary Years in the coming years.

An affiliation with the Cambridge International Board is also on the cards to support our children with recognised school leaving certificates in the future: the IGCSE examination for the tenth standard, and the International A levels at the time of graduation.

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