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The Atelier Way

The Atelier is the setting and stage for our protagonists, the children.

The adults here play the challenging role of moving fluidly from the role of set director to that of the audience.

The environment and materials are sometimes integral to the scene and sometimes a mere backdrop.

The script of the day evolves with the experience that the children bring in and the role they choose to play.

Image of the child


As a school and a community of educators, our motivations at The Atelier are to provide a supportive space for children to grow through their various phases of childhood. We support the development and nurturing of the whole child - a child's emotional, social, cognitive and physical capacities.

Our philosophy is based on a positive image of children and childhood. We have trust in each child’s capacity and their natural ability to be learners. We believe that children are active, competent and powerful.  

Children at The Atelier are motivated and interested in learning about the world them. They are keen to grow and form relationships with people and nature. They want to be skilful, and strive towards it.

Children are active participants of The Atelier community - the
y have choice, agency, and are involved in democratic decision-making.

Our Image of Children

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