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The role of the Adult

A shared community culture of mutual care, respect, and trust holds our learning approach. The adults are flag bearers of this shared culture, and create a relationship with children which is caring, respectful and trusting.

Care - We are present to and provide care towards children’s physical, emotional, social, and cognitive needs

Respect - We recognize children as unique individuals who are “capable and thinking beings”

Trust - We trust children’s innate capacities to learn, grow and make meaning.


At The Atelier, the adults are “mentors” to children. As mentors, we create an environment which supports learning. We nurture and nudge, we look and listen, we acknowledge and ask, we play and paint, we remind and regulate, we inquire and initiate, we loosen up and let go, we support and scaffold.

Our interaction with children is
often like being partners in a dance -
a reciprocal exchange, full of
anticipation and shared attention.
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